Looks like I am just getting started!

It’s funny, because I’ve had this blog for more than a year but I don’t use it, at all. I am used to having LiveJournal as my outlet since fourth year highschool, and sometimes, tumblr is quite manageable to write on. I have tons of blogs. Everytime I want to have a ‘new life’ I tend to create one, on different blog sites. And since, I have noticed that many people use wordpress these days, I, too, will go ahead and blend in!

Anyway, here I am at the 3rd week of my semestral break, and I haven’t finished the chapter 2 of my thesis yet. I’ve been busy on many other things, like YFC (Youth for Christ), AB Chorale and outings! I’ve also been jogging for atleast thrice a week. I just can’t seem to understand books for my thesis anymore, and it scares me. But, then again, I have found myself constantly trying to just write and write, even if I make no sense at all, and just check it afterwards, or have it checked by some other trusted people. I am hoping to graduate with honors, and I do hope I get to go up that stage and be awarded with it. Nothing is impossible with God, I know He will help me with this dream of mine.

Yeah, so here is my first ever blogpost here in wordpress. Sorry for many errors, I won’t check it anymore, because I am so lazy to open my laptop and write with my iPhone instead.

Have a nice day everyone! Godbless! 🙂


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